Live App

  • Yoomondo is available in every format your guests want:

 Mobile webapp

just send them a link, unique to each property

 Android / iPhone app

send them a 6-digit code, unique to each property

  • Tell your guests to use Yoomondo by setting up auto-emails in your (any!) PMS
  • Use code ‘DDDDDD’ to try the app


Why Use Yoomondo

Save Time

Pre-empt common guest questions and automate tedious processes allowing you to scale

No Risk

We set up all upfront content for you, and you can have a 30-day trial

Extra Revenue

Make more money from upselling & activities

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly into any PMS and your existing workflow

Guest Happiness

Improve their experience and subtly prompt for great feedback

Direct bookings

Capture guest email addresses and build up your CRM

Global Coverage

Yoomondo is available everywhere you are!


30-day free trial. Free content setup & support.
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