Welcome Guide

  • Pre-empt repetitive guest questions with a visual mobile welcome guide:
  1. Welcome and property videos
  2. House manual & rules
  3. Wifi codes
  4. Local area tips

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  • Show as much or as little as you want – the guide is fully flexible
  • Easily copy and tweak for each of your properties
  • We’ll do the work for you. Just send us your existing PDFs or website addresses!
  • Live demo

Check in/out

  • Before their stay, guests can use their mobile to:
  1. Agree to your terms & conditions
  2. Upload their ID
  3. Pay a damage deposit (amount you specify is held but not taken from their card)

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  • During their stay, guests can report any items they’ve damaged, with photos
  • After their stay, once the property has been inspected you can return the amount of the deposit you feel appropriate
  • All transactions handled by our payments partner Stripe – we and you don’t see or keep on record any guest card details
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Upsell Your Extras

  • Yoomondo lets you effortlessly take extra revenue and delight your guests by upselling anything you like, e.g.
  1. Late checkout
  2. Baggage drop
  3. Extra cleaning
  4. Equipment rental

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  • Let guests book instantly, or require your confirmation
  • You take home 100% of the revenue, less credit card processing costs
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External Activities & Services

  • Yoomondo’s mobile booking platform lets guests discover local activities & services your recommend and lets you earn commission when they book on the app
  • Just send us a list and we’ll upload the content for you

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  • Payments are taken from the guest on Yoomondo, processed via Stripe and sent directly to the supplier and your share to you
  • Your commercial partnerships:
  1. You keep 100% of the commission, less credit card processing fee
  2. We let other guests book those activities
  • Our commercial partnerships:
  1. We split the commission 50/50 with you

Guest Communications

  • Guests can chat with:
  1. You
  2. Suppliers
  3. Us (for technical support)
  4. And any combination of the above

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  • Notifications sent by email and SMS
  • Coming soon: cross-platform guest communication platform allowing you to streamline guest comms from any channel – email, SMS, OTA communication platform, FB messenger, Whatsapp into a single interface

Live App

  • Yoomondo is available in every format your guests want:

 Mobile webapp

just send them a link, unique to each property

 Android / iPhone app

send them a 6-digit code, unique to each property

In-property tablet

pre-loaded and locked down with Yoomondo. Purchased at cost price of $100 / €90 / £80 per unit

  • Tell your guests to use Yoomondo by setting up auto-emails in your (any!) PMS


Why Use Yoomondo

Save Time

Pre-empt common guest questions and automate tedious processes allowing you to scale

No Risk

We set up all upfront content for you, and you can have a 30-day trial

Extra Revenue

Make more money from upselling & activities

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly into any PMS and your existing workflow

Guest Happiness

Improve their experience and subtly prompt for great feedback

Direct bookings

Capture guest email addresses and build up your CRM

Global Coverage

Yoomondo is available everywhere you are!


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